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Ref. nr. 04757100

Black Irrigation clips

  • For both Internal and External irrigation (E/KM)
  • Pack of 3
  • Sterilizable
  • For WI-75 E/KM or older style handpieces that use the black spray clips only


These black spray clips "snap" onto the back of the WI-75 E/KM, WS-75 E/KM, WI-75 LED and WS-75 LED and private label handpieces that use the black spray clips.

  • They allow for both External Irrigation (E) and Internal Irrigation (KM).
  • They require the Canula (REF 02610500) in order to use the internal irrigation.
  • The clip comes with a molded external irrigation metal tube.
  • Sterilizable.

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